World War II : Panzer Claws

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PANZER CLAWS II: In 1940, France fell beneath the dark tide of war. During the early days of the occupation, the French government capitulated, and formed a collaborationist state. While the country was under enemy control, resistance fighters took to the hills, and back alleys. These brave souls began mobilizing for a fight against their occupiers, and mis-directed government officials.
Panzer Claws II offer the player the choice between one of the four sides in the conflicts: the Germans, the Russians or the Allies and the French Resistance.


Minimum Requirements

Graphic: 128MB
Other: 3-buttons mouse
Other: Internet connection required
Other: 4X
Other: CD Drive requirement
Other: Keyboard requirement
OS: Windows XP
OS: Windows 2000
OS: Windows 98
OS: Windows Millenium
CPU: Pentium II 0.350GHz
Memory: 0.064GB
Storage: 0.88GB

Recommended Requirements

Other: Keyboard requirement
Other: Internet connection required
Other: 12X
Other: 3-buttons mouse
Graphic: Graphics card with Shader 1.3 support 256MB
OS: Windows 2000
OS: Windows XP
OS: Windows Millenium
OS: Windows 98
Storage: 1.3GB
CPU: Pentium 0.800GHz
Memory: 0.128GB

2004-01-13 14:00
Reality Pump
Topware Interactive
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English, French, German