JoyBuggy - Large selection of pc-games and Software

Official retailer of pc-games and security software - At JoyBuggy you get:

  • A huge selection of computer games: 4000+ products for PC & Mac
  • Official reseller: We support the developers and collaborate with the publishers
  • Games for various DRM sources / providers: eg Steam, Ubisoft ConnectOrigin or Epic Games etc.
  • JoyBuggy is one of Denmark's largest official retailers of digital computer games for PC and Mac.

In addition to a huge selection of cheap computer games, we also have a large selection of software, here you can find Antivirus & Security programs, including NortonLifeLock

We get our products directly from the publishers, it gives you a guarantee of real CD keys. At the same time, in the long run as the industry develops, you will find that several of our CD keys are delivered as SKA and no longer CD keys (SKA = Silent Key Activation).

You will already experience this when you buy a game from Ubisoft, they were the first to use the SKA system, where more are being added on an ongoing basis. All the same to limit fraud with keys which unfortunately is very common. Soon we will also start offering SKA titles from Epic Game Store, the first of these titles will probably be Hitman 3 from Danish IO Interactive. Orders that come through the SKA system do not receive a code, the game is activated directly on the various systems, without the use of codes or anything we call Fast Delivery. !

We have well over 4,000 different PC games and software. And has agreements with some of the major publishers, eg UBISOFT, CAPCOM, BANDAI NAMCO, 505 GAMES, Iceberg Interactive, Team17 and many more. The list of our publishers is growing every month and right now counts well over 40 active appointments.
By buying from an official retailer, you support the publishers, and help ensure more good PC games in the future. And in doing so, you support the gaming industry.

In recent years, there have been more and more DRM sources / providers, where previously there was only Steam, there are now far more, Ubisoft's Connect, EA's Origin, Epic Games - Epic Store, yes the selection is only getting bigger and bigger. The age where you could collect all your games on a specific platform / DRM system disappears, and you have to turn to several different programs to be able to play your favorite game.

Large assortment with the latest computer games
You can find a large selection of game genres:

  • Simulation games: e.g. The Sims 4, Euro Truck or Train simulator,
  • Football games: e.g. FIFA, PES and Football Manager
  • Car games: e.g. F1, Project CARS, GRIP and DIRT
  • Strategy games: e.g. Crusader Kings, Civilization and Hearts of Iron
  • Disney games: e.g. Star Wars, The Lion King and all the beloved classics
  • And more for PC & Mac

We are constantly adding the latest PC games and Mac games, both the hot titles but also the best computer games pre-orders. Our goal is to gather as many products as possible, both new and old. There must always be a computer game in our large range that suits you and your taste exactly.

In our huge assortment you can find all the great and popular computer game titles for the unique indie games (An Indie game, is a game from an independent developer who does not have a big publisher with money in his back).
Choose your platform and see our large selection of PC games & Mac games. Buy, download and play as soon as you find your desired game.

Find simulation games like The Sims 4, which is an immortal classic with a sea of ​​The Sims 4 expansions and bundles.
The biggest football game titles like the FIFA series from EA, which constantly has a new version on the way. Another big player on the field is Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) / eFootball PES 2021 from Konami, which has taken up the competition with the EA and FIFA title, where PES gives you the more realistic gaming experience. A completely third and completely different competitor in the market is Football Manager from SEGA, which focuses on the whole manager part, rather than taking up the fight with FIFA and PES.
At JoyBuggy you can also find the great racing games like the Project CARS series, which gives you an authentic racing experience with many customization options. If you want to get right in and sit on the racing seat, you can in GRIP: Combat Racing get a wild racing experience in VR.
Our selection of game genres is wide-ranging, to give you the best conditions and many choices for computer games.

Digital products are the future
Advantages of buying digital products:

  • Environmental awareness: No plastic consumption and physical production
  • Storage space: Save on space at home
  • Immediate delivery: You activate your product immediately
  • No shipping costs: You do not have to pay for the shipping

Year by year, we see an increase in sales of digital computer games and software, while a steadily declining sales of physical products.
In particular, the physical products in the computer game world will disappear within the next few years - It is especially an increased desire of the publishers to minimize the gray market, which primarily gets their codes by scanning the codes from the physical boxes, but also credit card fraud . The part of the business, they are easier to handle when everything is digital and goes through official retailers like us.

It is also much easier and faster to buy digital products, where you get your code delivered immediately. At JoyBuggy you get

  • The code is delivered within 2 seconds
  • No waiting time - Play immediately - Save time at the post office.
  • No expensive shipping costs
  • You can avoid all that hassle at JoyBuggy, and you will therefore have the opportunity to buy cheap computer games when the freight and costs of manufacturing physical products have been saved away.
  • You will receive your product key immediately after payment and can always be found on your page under "my purchases".

Our Mission is to deliver digital products 24/7, all year round, quickly and professionally.

Secure trade with a high level of service
At JoyBuggy you get secure online shopping and super service:

  • Trustpilot: 5 out of 5 star review
  • Danish legislation: We follow the law for digital commerce
  • Fast live chat support: Typically between 8-16 (but often longer - try us!)

At JoyBuggy, you must feel safe by doing a digital online store with us. Therefore, we closely follow the Danish legislation on security, customer and privacy policy and trading conditions for digital e-commerce in Denmark & ​​the EU. High Danish standards and a guarantee of safe online trading when you buy your PC game or software at JoyBuggy.

We have an overall star rating of 5 out of 5 stars on our Trustpilot profile, where many satisfied customers have already rated their buying experience as excellent. We are really happy for reviews and feedback, as we strive for customer experiences in a class of their own - so that you as a customer again want to make your next purchase of a software, PC or Mac product at JoyBuggy.

Do you need customer service?
We at JoyBuggy have chat support 24/7.
Our chatbot helps approx. 95% of our inquiries, but if it can not help you, we are always ready.

Our normal response time during opening hours is less than 5 minutes - but outside opening hours we often respond within 5-15 minutes. We recommend that you use our chat support, rather than phone and email, to be able to give you the fastest and most effective help. If you have problems activating the product, have questions about products or do not know which computer game to buy for your child, do not hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you! ☺

Buy Danish: High Danish standard
By purchasing computer games and software from JoyBuggy, you support:

  • A Danish company: It pays taxes, VAT and fees
  • The good Danish conditions: We are subject to and comply with the Danish Purchase Act
  • Local trade: We are only online, but are firmly rooted in the local local & national cultural and commercial life
  • The community and associations: We support i.a. Hjerteforeningen, Knæk Cancer and more.
  • You, support the good Danish society, the community and the local e-sports clubs, associations and the local cultural life, by shopping locally with us.

Over the 3 years we have existed we have supported more than 30 different local and national ideas, associations, clubs and cultures. Among other things. have we recently supported:

Our goals and visions are simple
Buying digital products should be easy, fast and simple.

We want to be Denmark's leading webshop within the digital PC games and software market.

The plan with JoyBuggy has from the beginning been to be the largest in all respects - especially when it comes to selection and support.
That's why JoyBuggy is much more than a webshop.

We offer:

  • 100% digital products - we only sell digital product keys / game codes also called CD keys
  • Lightning fast delivery: 1-2 seconds - immediately after payment.
  • No waiting time for emails - the activation code is displayed immediately after the purchase.
  • A huge selection of games and software at the moment. +4,000 products
  • A good and efficient customer service (chatbot 24/7)
  • 5-star reviews on Trustpilot
  • We store your code so you can find it when you need it. Visit the "My purchases" page.

You are never alone when you shop at JoyBuggy, we are always ready to help by chat, email and phone.