Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint goes into free week
Gaming News Published 05/26/2021

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Free week

Throughout week 3, we will be joining Ubisoft with both a free week and a promo on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This offers you a try-before-buying option. You can start your free Ghost Recon Breakpoint game from May 27, until May 31. Both doing this periode and after, you will be able to buy it to a special promo price. We are offering 85% on the basegame and the other games (from 75-85)

Starting from May 25, you can pre-load the game, and start playing it form May 27, 08:01 PDT / 17:01 CEST.  The gameserver will close down again on May 31 at 10:01 PDT / 19:01 CEST. So be sure to buy you game before our promotion ends on May 31 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST. 

You find Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 4 editions (3 editions 1 dlc) : 

Samt et 

  • With Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Year 1 Pass you get : 
    • The Siren's Call Day 1 mission
    • Two upcoming new adventures in Auroa: Deep State & Transcendence
    • An early unlock for 3 new classes
    • The Special Operations Forces Pack

How to get Ghost Recon Breakpoint for free? : 

This guide show you how to get your Breakpoint for free 

  1. Access this link : 

    Get started

  2. Create or log into your Ubisoft account
  3. Once logged-in your free version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be added to your account for pre-loading (until January 21, where it will go live)  
  4. Open your Ubisoft Connect client (or download it from the page) And start installing/playing your game

Can i get Ghost Recon Breakpoint free using Steam client? 

  • No, sorry, this is a Ubisoft Connect only promo 

Do i need Ubisoft Connect / Uplay Client?

  • Yes you will need the Ubisoft Connect client - Its free to use and download. 

Is there any timeline for the free week?

  • The Preload starting 25/05 kl 18:01 UTC
  • Your access to the game starts : 27/05 kl 15:01 UTC
  • The servers close again 31/05 17:01 UTC

Can i keep my progression / content after i buy the game?

  • If you decide to buy the game, you will keep your progression. 

When will the promotion on Ghost Recon Breakpoint end?

  • Our discount ends on May 31 at 17:00 UTC - So remember to buy your game before that time.

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