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Welcome to JoyBuggy's huge selection of PC games for PC. We have a huge selection of PC games, in fact we have Denmark's largest selection of PC games. Right now we have 3,500 different PC games, many of these can also be used on Mac so if you switch from PC games to mac games, then there are still many games you can use without having to go out and buy a Mac version.

Our selection of Games for PC includes i.a. over 1,400 titles for Steam, 300 titles for Origin, 100 titles for uplay 30 titles for Rockstar social club. Overall, the selection is huge and it is growing day by day. In 2018, we have added an average of 5 new games every single day, 365 days. This gives us one of Denmark's largest and widest selections.

At the same time, we are also the Official retailer of our PC games, ensuring that you as a customer with peace of mind, can buy all our products, without being afraid of fraud, cheating or scam keys. At the same time, we also guarantee you a pre-order bonus and extra content, by buying through an official retailer, something you do not experience at several of our competitors.

Simulations from then, today and the future

Get an insight into the historical setting with Assasin Creeds Origins or L.A. Noire, where you can either swing in the roof houses of ancient Egypt, or solve murder mysteries in Los Angeles in 1947. In Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, you come almost right in between. In this grand campaign game, players are taken back to a time when medieval Britain is in a peaceful, albeit fragile, time in the year 878. Be prepared when the kings of Britain devise conspiracies against each other to win over each other.

Are you into future dreams? Try Surviving Mars. Embark on the near future reality and travel to the only other (almost) habitable planet in our solar system so far. Here you can colonize Mars, build sci-fi cities and simulate the problems that can arise on an untrodden planet.

If your dreams are more down to earth, then grab the classics from The Sims that never go out of fashion. Decorate the dream house, or take your Sims on adventures with trips to Paradise Island. Are you in the brave corner, can you scare them with the supernatural or Haunted expansion packs for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, respectively? Do your Sims need a real air change? Then haul them with Into the Future or back to the Middle Ages with pirates.

A little too curious? Do you often have to struggle not to mess with your neighbor's mail when they are not at home? Do you look far for the trash can when something sticks out over the edge? With Hello, Neighbor! we dare to guarantee that you will be asked the curiosity. Maybe even to the creepy side of this pc game.

Fast shots and even faster cars

Need a little more speed? Are you less into unfolding universes and long stories? Then give it gas on the ATV in MX vs. ATV: All Out. Here you get a lot of soil and a lot of metal. Get dirty, refine your driving and get ready to compete against others.

Do you need red blood before you are satisfied? Devil May Cry: HD Collection gives you a hack and splash game with a loose interpretation of Dante's Comedy that is cruel enough in itself. If we add Japanese gore to this narrative, well, then there is enough to look red on.

War simulations (or something similar) you get with Metal Gear Survive and Steel Division: Normandy 44 - Back to Hell, where you are either in an alternate universe or a historically familiar war. Learn how to survive by building bases, building the right skills, and killing the enemy one by one. With Steel Divison you get historical missions, and with Metal Gear Survive you get space to explore the new world.

PC games: the classics in new clothes

Tomb Raider never gets too old, and not at all when Lara Croft gets a makeover in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Enjoy the cool graphics and the new adventures that the heroine comes across.

We do not get around Far Cry either. With Farcry 5 and the accompanying expansion packs, you can fight the cult leader and start a resistance movement in America.

Are you into the big universes? So try Skyrim if you haven't already got your fingers in it. With a whole world to explore, this game has won many hearts - and more are on the way. In the spring of 2018, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - VR was released, where you can play the entire game through with the VR glasses on.

Get ready for adventure and breathtaking action - you get PC games on the way to you in just a few seconds.