Digital rights of withdrawal 

Taken from our Terms of agreement - link 

4.3 – Right of withdrawal:

The Customer shall have a period of 14 days in which to withdraw from the contract .The period of this right begins from the day of key delivery of said Game (This is once our system register your key delivery time - Normal at the same time as your order is confirmed.).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, once a Customer receives a serial number for a Game, the Customer may NO LONGER exercise the right of withdrawal with respect to such Game because the Service will have commenced for the Game. For the avoidance of doubt, with respect to any Game, performance begins as soon as any activation key (i.e., the serial number) is obtained by the Customer at which point the 14-day withdrawal period and right to withdraw shall no longer apply with respect to the applicable Game(s).

4.4 – Distributor cancellation & refund policy:

Orders, Games, Software or any other product sold on our site for which the Customer has received a serial number are non‐refundable.

Refunds may be exceptionally offered if customer support has determined the Customer’s refund request reasonable and only if this conditions are met:

  • Time between Customer's order and refund request has not passed 48 hours;
  • Only if the user have a PC configuration that is sufficient to run the Game, and the Customer have provided the needed Screenshots to the Support team, for them to help fix any problem;
  • The serial numbers (activation key, etc.) has not been shared or viewed by any third party;
  • If a 3D-Secure or 2-factor system has been used under doing the payment process. If its not been provided Customer Support can ask for the Customer's ID to verify the customer, before refunding.

Customer support will determine in its sole discretion if a Customer meets the foregoing criteria for a refund. No disquisition or question asked, if so any request will be refused. In case of a refund, Customer Support will only refund 95% of your order. The last 5% will be removed in order to cover the financial costs of the refund. 
If you can agree the the bullets please contact Customer Support to request a refund.