The Artifact

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Product Description

Woken from a hypersleep, you find yourself alone on a drifting star cruiser, light years from home. The crew has disappeared, leaving behind nothing but a few scattered records and a strange artifact that seems to hold the key to an alien civilisation. As you search the empty ship, you’ll begin to piece together the mystery of the missing crew, and perhaps a way to unlock the artifact itself. Played out in stunning 3D environments, The Artifact is a sci-fi themed spin on the classic escape the room game. Players explore different locations, using 22nd century technology to crack codes and solving increasingly head scratching puzzles that will help decipher the mystery of the alien device, and perhaps what lies beyond...


Minimum Requirements

OS: WINDOWS® 7 or later
Processor: Dual core recommended
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: 512mb VRAM recommended
DirectX Version: 10
Disk Space: 694 MB

Release date
2017-06-01 15:00
Colin Wren, Sean Scaplehorn, Wayne Jackson, Jason Mallett
Interface languages